Sick days

Today was a weird one… First I went to sleep and woke up two hours later and thought it was time to get up so I got dressed and went downstairs and my mom was like “wtf are you doing? its 11pm…” hahah. I stood there in shock for about half a second and then went back to sleep immediately. It was my Monday and I woke up at 4:30am (i have to be at work @ about 5:50am) and went to work as usual but at about 6:30am I started to feel kinda queasy so I went outside to get some air but then I started to feel extremely faint and dizzy. I spent about a half an hour in the bathroom sitting on the floor with my head between my knees trying to decide if I was going to throw up or pass out. Well eventually I did neither so I ended up going home early. I napped on and off but I didnt really feel better until about noon. It was very bizarre and I still dont know what really caused it. I did nothing that out of the ordinary for the entire week.

It was nice to rest up and have a chill day but I would rather have been at work making money and keeping busy. I watched a few episodes of Buffy Season 1 and read quite a bit more in my book, Queen of the Damned. Its soooo different from the movie and Anne rice is one of the most evocative writers I have read so far. I really enjoy the way she combines the sensual with the disturbing. I am trying to wrap this up before our big Forks excursion on Monday because I have about half a dozen other books I wanted to read this summer but I probably wont even get to them. This happens every summer, oh well. I think I will do some more reading and then get to bed so I can feel nice and ready for work tomorrow. I thought of a really excellent solid idea for my next tattoo…I will post on that later. heheh.

I am so proud…

This is my first wordpress layout that I coded myself!! I am so proud because this program is a bit more complex then anything else I have worked on. Luckily I found an amazing tutorial online covering the basics and with a little elbow grease I was able to customize it for my needs. its still not 100% but the basic foundation has been laid out. I now feel totally accomplished and satisfied.

The layout features a photoshoot from the latest Teen Vogue (Aug 2009?). Its Emma Watson! She is so gorgeous and I thought this photoshoot was really cute and definitely a change up from my usual veronicas/shia mix.

It’s my day off finally and I have had a really awesome relaxing day. I spent way too much time trying to find Unreleased (copyrighted/illegal) Veronicas songs. I only managed to find one that I didnt have already. I am just aching for some new songs from them. I have been listening to Hook Me Up since I imported it in November 2007 when it came out in Australia!! On another random note, I think I am finally getting a fake ID. YESSSS! I am so psyched just cuz I feel like I am completing some sort of weird right of passage for the youth of America hahah. It will definitely make me feel more confident going out in NYC too, just because I will have SOMETHING to back up my so called claim of being 21. I am practically 21 anyways and it seems so silly that I cant actually drink legally. I am not irresponsible or an alcoholic, but I like to get dressed up and go out to the bars occasionally and its annoying to have to stress about getting in or not. Anyways I really ought to go to bed so I think i should end this post for now.

I am just in such a good mood. 🙂