Before and After

What I wore to work yesterday. BCBGirls dress from when I worked at Aprie in high school + a black Jackie cardigan from J.Crew.

A perfect afternoon. Slept in, haircut at Kiwa, lunch at Brown Cup, and then the Alexander Wang sample sale in Soho. I told myself that I deserve something for schlepping the fall 2011 collection between midtown and tribeca for three months, so I picked up this racerback tank for $25.

Not the best pictures of my hair, but it will look better tomorrow anyways. I ended up only showing her the Kurt Cobain photo for inspiration. The second Junko saw it, she started tittering in Japanese about how I have bangs so she cant recreate the front. I reassured her that I realized that. Obviously I am not a white male, so my hair texture is completely different and therefore it would never look exactly like his. However it feels so much lighter and looks so much healthier. I’m very very pleased with the results.

One thought on “Before and After”

  1. Looks good! Hahaha, I laughed at the “I am not a white male” thing. Because with me I would be like,”I am bringing in this picture not only because I like the hair cut, but because I want you to give me that hair texture and make me look like them. You can do that right???”

    LOVE the tank!!! Yay, yay! Owning some T by Alexander Wang is an accomplishment. Enough said.

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