Post Break Up Changes

Any excuse for a transformation eh? But seriously, its that time again when I need to chop my hair off. The bottom portion is so fried. Just bleached and dry and frizzy and awful. Its gotten to the point where I cant even wear my hair down anymore.

Even in the shitty quality of my photobooth you can see how over-processed and damaged it is. Whenever I go on interviews, I feel like a legit skank with this on my head. I scheduled a haircut at Kiwa Salon with Junko so hopefully she will work some magic. I do enjoy having long hair, however, I dont mind going shorter and I recognize the necessity of a good chop. Below are some random images I have been throwing around as hair inspo.

Kate Moss is my top contender. I just love all this wispy sophistication, however my hair doesnt bend like that naturally and I it is difficult to imagine this with my short fringe.

I love Drew Barrymore! Too bad you cant really see more of the haircut here.

Legend has it that when Alexa Chung started the ombre hair trend that is STILL GOING, it was all based on Kurt Cobain. I could get a version of this with a bit more length yeah?

What makes this eye catching is obviously the color. This would work on my hair texture wonderfully. Otherwise its quite boring.

Charlotte Free is gorgeous and makes me want her dirty dirty hair. But with a fringe of course.

Kate Lanphear is the original bad ass, but I dont think this cut would ever suit my face.

I just love this random Japanese chick.

I’m going to have to touch up my roots again soon and I’m definitely sticking with the golden for now, but I did buy some Wella toner in Royal Blonde which will hopefully even things out and cut the brassiness. I might experiment with the color more later in the Fall.

2 thoughts on “Post Break Up Changes”

  1. I like all of these hair cut options! I can’t say enough how jealous I am of your straight here. Cuts just turn out really well on your hair always! I am distracted by that super cute picture of Drew Barrymore. I didn’t know she had bangs before!

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