There is no purpose to this post except to demonstrate my level of boredom today. Must get hired. Anyways. Its very bizarre to look at older pictures of myself because I look so vastly different. There are two obvious reasons: My passion for changing my hair and my jaw surgery. Take note.

This is in my childhood bedroom in Seattle. I had just gotten blood drawn and that is Pocky in my mouth. This is from my long morticia adams hair phase circa Winter 2007 (age 18).

Now that I am melting in the summer heat, I really wish my hair wasnt so long and damaged. This shortness was during my third year at FIT (age 20).

Back to the dark side in time for Summer 2010 and Manchester (age 21).

Color transition from about 4 months ago. That was a hot mess, but of course people at my internship complimented me on it because its so DIY and edgy….aka SHITE.

I dare you to try to name my present color. ha. Clearly my ongoing identity crisis is best expressed through my hair. And yes I do take too many pictures of myself on photobooth. So my love of Lady Gaga’s song Hair should make much more sense now.

2 thoughts on “Pointless”

  1. I wish I could do this to my hair all the time….except I definitely do not have the experience like the hair dyeing queen over here! When I want to totally bleach my hair ala G-Dragon in his solo debut, I will ask you to help me, muahaha…..

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