Kiki day and street harassment

Its getting increasingly more hot this week. Luckily I was able to escape to a Kirsten Dunst movie marathon, hosted by Charlie in an air conditioned apartment on the Upper East Side. They were watching five films in total today: The Virgin Suicides, Wimbledon, Jumanji, Dick and Bring It On. Charlie even made an adorable little program listing the order of the movie and designated food breaks. Surprise, surprise I ended up wearing a very casual, all J.Crew outfit. The tee is actually mens but I liked the color and it was so soft and comfy!

I have come up with a pretty obvious fashion rule for myself. If my tattoo is showing, then the shorts are definitely too short. 😉 I really only have one pair of shorts where its an actual issue. They are high waisted and almost look like a skirt with a white heart pattern. I wore them yesterday and had a bit of a problem with the amount of commentary on the streets. It doesn’t even matter what I am wearing though. I swear to god, the shittier I look, the more remarks I rack up. Having encountered this sort of harassment since I was about 13 years old, I am pretty much used to it, but it doesnt mean I am okay with it. Its utterly ridiculous that I feel the need to cross the street to avoid groups of guys. Or that I will consciously not wear something because I really dont feel like dealing with creepers that day. Fuck I hate men sometimes. The best way to avoid it is to put on my Ray Bans and red headphones and just block them out completely. As I have mentioned before, this was never an issue in Manchester, which I find most curious. Yet girls were also getting raped left and right.

Who remembers this fun note, that I found in my dorm at MMU? This was the 10th assault incident that term?! Terrifying. I think I am way safer in NYC then in Manchester. I could go on and on about this…. and how its funny that the average guy doesn’t understand it at all either. They have no idea what its feels like.

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  1. Um yea, this is something that actually pisses me off. I’d like to be able to walk down the street without being harassed thank you very much. It’s NOT flattering and it does NOT boost my self esteem–arguments guys make. It’s sickening and annoying as hell. I always walk around with my headphones & ipod on to avoid such commentary. And YES!! It seems to happen most when I look like a scrub, wtf?? Logic??

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