Spa Castle

No pictures for this post! Mainly due to the fact that I spent five hours yesterday at a Korean Spa in Queens where I saw the most diverse array of naked women in my life. We’re talking all ages, races and body types. Certainly is a reality check for me, lost in the world of fashion. Spa Castle was amazing though. $35 for a weekday pass and you can spend the entire day there. They have a proper Korean bathroom with the showers that you sit on the stools and all these different tubs set at different temperatures. There were these little old Korean ladies giving body scrubs to women laying on tables in the corner. Upstairs they had 7 or 8 different themed sauna rooms which were lined in different materials and also set at different temperatures. I think my favorite was the Gold Room and the Salt Room. Felt so good to just lay there and sweattttttt. I swear to god that is one of the best things you can do for your body.

On the roof they have a couple of different pools with these crazy massage jets. There was also a bar and places to lay out. Near the sauna garden is a food/snacks area with a super delicious and super overpriced salad bar. Within the spa there are several different independently run salons where you can get a private massage, facial or mani/pedi. In my opinion, it was pretty reasonably priced for those sorts of services. Had so much fun and I was soooooo relaxed afterwards. It was like being high for sure. Alice and I got Red Mango in flushing before heading back on the 7 train. Next time my mum comes to visit, I am absolutely bringing her!!

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  1. Heck yes! Mother-daughter bonding experience ftw!! hehe oh and about your post after this one, yes, I’m determined that we’re gonna bring the crazy to Sarah….even if she gets freaked out haha! You can probably tell by now I’m catching up on all your blog posts, hope that’s ok, haha.

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