I don’t know wtf is going on with my hormone levels or if I am just losing my mind but today is just what of those days where I need to limit any permanent damage through isolation. Weirdly I just heard one of those stupid stoner boys fall down the stairs and it kind of cheered me up a little. But then again I am enraged that they are disregarding the numerous police complaints and continuing to annoy the fuck out of me. No you arent funny or bad ass or a good rapper or a resident of my building so please go away.

Anyways, Lesley is doing her make up in the next room because she is about to do a skype interview with a fashion company in LA for a knitwear design position. So exciting!! And then I have my two big interviews tomorrow and wednesday. Another big event for this wednesday: my parents are flying in for my graduation which is on the 24th. I stupidly didnt request any days off work this week so I have my regular 8 hr shifts thurs-sun which means I probably wont even get to see them that much. Luckily they know how to entertain themselves. My dad will show up with his shorts, socks up to the knees, backpack and massive rebel xt strapped around his neck looking like the most prepared tourist ever. He’ll probably take a picture of one of those cart dudes as a reference for a future painting and get his ass kicked….again. You think he would learn that men who sell shit out of shady carts on the streets of nyc do not appreciate being photographed….ever.

I still need to think of a place to go for graduation dinner with my parents and my wifey…. Vegetarian, accommodating of four people, and tasty are the above requirements. Hmmmm…. It really hasnt even hit me that I am about to graduate. Now that I am finally here, it doesnt seem as significant. Graduating from high school was a very weird experience. At the time, it felt like I was never ever going to get out or get away from those people. I dont think my actual life really began until I started college. Dear god its disturbing to think about how much I have changed since then. I was going to do a little photo montage just now, but my archaic Photoshop CS2 is just too frustrating to handle right now. *temper temper miya* That’s definitely on my list of things to upgrade once I get a salary.

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