Where to start?

Shit…. it’s been far too fucking long. Instead of trying to catch up on what has been happening the past few months, I am going to just focus on what is happening presently.

My graduation is near and I am both ambivalent and scared shitless. I keep trying to articulate my confusion to various people, but I dont think I have come up with anything eloquent. I feel like my transition into the workplace will go very smoothly. After all, I have a ton of work experience in several different industries and I know I thrive under that structured, full time setting. I am not so much worried about that, but I just really dont want my head to go to mush. I need to keep working towards something….some distant goal of self improvement, otherwise I think I’ll just become extremely shallow and vapid (as opposed to my current state of moderately shallow and vapid). I dont want to become that girl whose entire life is work. Yes, my career is very important to me, but I am NOT 100% accepting of the American stereotype that your occupation defines you. Gotta keep thinking on this one.

On the dating front, things have been going rather well. I have been on a few dates in the past couple months and nothing has gone horribly awry. I did deactivate my okcupid account purely because I was feeling extremely overwhelmed in all aspects of my life. But things are calming down now and I am considering reopening the account just to have some fun. I am a bit hesitant though because I do think that okcupid made me very conceited and abusive. I used to have all these grandiose claims of having an open mind and not being prejudiced, but after being on that site for four months, I suddenly felt that I was losing sight of what it is I really want. Hmmmm…. but with that in mind, I might be able to handle some innocent flirting. I already have some exciting prospects though. Things could go either way still. Ah boys…..

When I say things are calming down, I am referring to the fact that this is my last week interning. I will have Tuesdays free to pursue job hunting and do school work, and then I will be picking up some extra hours on Thursdays so I can better pad my wallet. Business is hot right now and I want to take advantage before things get tight again. I had one really solid interview for a post grad position. I am hoping I get called back for the next round of interviews. I need to start applying more and drum up some prospects. Blahhhhhhh. We already had our last honors colloquium where it’s traditional for the graduating seniors to get up and tell everyone what their plans are for after graduation. I always wanted to be that senior who had a job lined up already and get that awesome gasp and applause, but alas it was not meant to be. Doesnt mean I wont find an amazing position though!

Ok I really ought to do my reading for class tomorrow. We’re doing Cambodia and Vietnam tomorrow. Yayer.

2 thoughts on “Where to start?”

  1. “Nothing has gone horribly awry” Hahaha you are hilarious. Horrible is when your date steals your wallet. I don’t think it could be that bad. I would say you are making lots of progress! More than most people probably and you are putting yourself out there which is really the hardest part, so good for you! Flirting is good for the soul. I am sure of it haha.

    You will find an amazing job and we can rein-act the colloquium and I will clap for you 🙂

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