New Hair in the works

I really want to go to Istanbul!! Now that I have learned more about the Middle East and Islam, Istabul seems like one of the most amazing cities. One of my professors described it as a magical meeting point between Europe the Middle East. Because I am taking only liberal arts classes, I have been learning a ton about religion, politics and history in a much more engaging format than high school. We’ve been discussing extensively whether or not the USA should establish a no fly zone over Libya and effectively go in with troops to protect the protesters. Thank goodness I am not a politician because these are some of the most difficult decisions to handle. Do we watch and end up with Rwanda or do we jump in there ASAP and get criticism like Bosnia? Ah!!!

On a much more superficial note, I have successfully stripped my hair using Color Oops. I just finished doing the process for the second time. My hair isnt dry yet, so I am not sure what color I have. It looks like its going to be a brassy light brown with weird golden patches and my natural color mixed in on my crown. I think I am going to have to go over all of it with one color just to even it out, but I need to a bit more research. I definitely am going to use an ash dye with cool undertones to counter the brassiness, but I may also use the shimmerlights purple shampoo because I heard that helps tame orange even for brunettes.

Luckily I get paid of Friday! This will be the first job that I have where I get paid every Friday…. and I am kind of really excited. It will probably be easier to budget on a weekly basis. Right now I am in that stage of starting work where I dread going in. Its purely anxiousness about succeeding. I remember feeling this way several times at VS, but I got over it very quickly and started to really enjoy the job. It also helps to have cute boys to flirt with, and let me just say, there are several cuties on the mens floor. 🙂

Speaking of boys, I am keeping my options open… Just trying to maintain my mojo and stay comfortable flirting.Alice and I are particularly fond of the two ramen shop boys across the hallway. Every flavor….

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