Tax Refund

SADNESS. I got my tax refund and it was less than half of what I was expecting! That’s what I get for having my mother do my taxes! hahah. One of these days I will actually learn to do it myself. Luckily I am starting work at the Rockefeller J. Crew on Tuesday evening. I cannot wait to be working and generating an actual income. I bank with Chase and yesterday they made me open a new college student account (even though I am graduating in May) because my existing account underwent some stupid changes and was about to get fined $12 every month. Boo, so now I have to get a new debit card and account number and all that bullshit.

Yesterday was a good Friday. I went to a church on 86th and West End and helped out at their food bank for a couple hours. It was one of my required activities for the honors program at school, but I really enjoyed myself and hope to go back someday. It was super simple and just involved stocking shelves and bagging pasta/rice. People kept coming up to me and asking me in Spanish to explain the point system and I definitely wasnt that helpful since I didnt fully understand the point system myself. I guess each person is assigned a point allowance based on their family size. Every item in the food bank had a different point value. For example the oranges were 2 for 1 point and a jar of peanut butter was 1 point. The system is set up to encourage people to eat healthier so items like fruit juice are worth a lot of points and have a limit of one per person. Everyone I worked with was super nice and I definitely need to volunteer more in my spare time.

Friday evening, Charlie cooked me angel hair pasta with ricotta, tofu sausage, eggplant and sundried tomato red sauce. It was AMAZING. My responsibility was to pick up a bottle of red wine, and because I suck at life and know nothing about wine I had a hard time finding something. I ended up just getting something cheap. Charlie approved of my choice so I guess my ‘French Table Wine’ must have been okay. hahah. I have a lot to learn in that whole alcoholic realm. We consumed everything, talked about boys and then watched Ja Rule music videos on youtube.

Afterwards Charlie took me and Carol Ann to a party in Brooklyn, which was very enjoyable. I proceeded to have a drunken heart to heart with that girl. Twas good for me and now I feel a lot more bonded with her. Honestly though, I am so thankful I am not a lesbian because its hard enough to find a worthy partner without dealing with all the additional bullshit that some of my gay friends have to endure. 🙁 I honestly dont know if I believe in bisexuality anymore….mainly because I have yet to see it happen truthfully in real life.

Today Alice and I went to Ikea so I could pick up some organizational items. Then I proceeded to eat some of the delicious chocolate cake and homemade frosting Alice and Lesley baked last night. Yum yum yum! I am bringing some to Marissa’s apartment tonight for our girl chat!

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  1. Ikea trip: FUN! Ah so jealous I need to make an Ikea trip for sure. I am also so jealous of charlie cooking because he made Tofu sausage and that is pretty much my favorite thing in life. I wish I lived near a Trader Joe’s they have the best veggie sausage selection.

    Yay for jobs! Then we can finally do a karaoke outing.

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