Generic? I think not!

Loving the Fall 2011 look book for Lauren Conrad’s new contemporary collection called Paper Crown!! You can see all of the images at Fashionista. I have been having a hard time keeping up with all the different shows from Fashion Week, but I know I will get to see them all eventually. My blogging motivation (that urge to blog and read blogs) has considerably subsided now that I have some legit things to do: internship and school; but I am trying to keep on top of it all! Must keep updating!!

Due to my eternal brokeness, my skincare is increasingly becoming generic versions of the branded stuff….I am currently using the Duane Reade Cleansing Cream (generic of Clean and Clear), CVS Moisturizer for Combination Skin (generic of Neutorgena) and Duane Reade make up wipes. Thus far I am actually quite happy with all of these. They are pretty basic in principal and they get the job done, plus they cost a $1 or $2 less than the branded versions and considering how fast I go through these products, I am going to try and save as much money as possible hahah.

The weather keeps fluctuating between freezing and semi decent. There hasnt been that much precipitation though so I have been able to break out my Jeffrey Campbell over the knee boots from last year. I am still in love with these strappies. They just make a boring pair of leggings so much more interesting. 🙂 They also keep my legs nice and toasty. I have these great black knee socks from Uniqlo that I always wear with them. It helps keep the ankle from my leggings or jeans from riding up into the boot.

My bangs have been getting pretty out of control lately. I was in love with the way Lindsey from Hazel Salon in Seattle had cut them asymmetrical and blunt, but now that they are a few months grown out, they are shaggy and looking kinda messy.

So I went into Kiwa salon for a $10 bang trim. I have gone in there several times before and while they never give me exactly what I want, they never really fuck anything up. This time though I wasnt too pleased with the results. Even though I gave her a very very clear picture of what my bangs looked like immediately after Lindsey cut them, the stylist at Kiwa still kinda screwed them up. Oh well. My hair grows quite fast so in a week they will be all shaggy and messy again. haahh.

I did get a free gift of a Japanese leave in treatment (review coming soon) and a 30% off coupon because I have a punch card from going to Kiwa so many times. I am honestly just so afraid to try a different salon. I am convinced all the good hair stylists in NYC are super expensive. Allison even asked me where I get my haircut and I told her that I was going to someone in Seattle for only $45!! I will never find anyone that good or cheap in NYC. 🙁

I made my first real attempt at making guacamole tonight. I was basing it off of Bethenny’s Low Fat Mockamole Recipe, but instead of using frozen peas to thin the guacamole out, I used a bit of smashed up edamame beans. Just a little bit because they didnt have the greatest texture. It made the guacamole turn out pretty chunky. I also think I added too much parsley. But overall it’s pretty tasty and the important thing is that I didnt waste that damn avacado!!

3 thoughts on “Generic? I think not!”

  1. I am obsessed with Kiwa though they do a really good job and I kind of love that they speak mainly Japanese only. Plus its clean and really quite reasonable considering most other places.

    I have been hunting for thigh high knit socks. I think I really want the ones at American Apparel but I am reluctant go buy them for some reason because in the back of my head I always think of the days I had a discount and it was so much cheaper then. Flip side I also had less money then…

    I really love the Paper Crown shot where it says the name and the girl is holding the balloons. I am interested to see who picks it up to sell…I am assuming somewhere like Bloomingdales because they had her other high end line “Lauren Conrad” before. Also note to self i must get some leather shorts. I am pretty sure they are a closet staple I need.

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