Luv Luv Luv

I have this Wednesday afternoon free to myself. I just went grocery shopping and picked up a few things that I was craving, including salsa. My roommate sent me this link on eating well for a $1 a day in which this guy named Jeffrey documents his journey eating very frugally. He has $31 to spend on food for the month. Reading this was pretty inspiring and I found myself printing coupons out from before shopping today. I got a pretty good deal on steel cut irish oatmeal, Larabars and spring salad mix at whole foods. Kind of exciting for me. 🙂 Jeffrey managed to get a jar of salsa for really cheap and was eating with avocado and eggs. Obviously I immediately started craving salsa hahaha.

Now that fashion week is almost over, there is a definite sigh of relief at my internship and I even got to go home a tad early yesterday! Unfortunately, I came home to discover seven teenagers who clearly dont live in my building cavorting on the roof. They must have snuck into my building and I was beyond irritated by their presence. I know that if something isnt said or done, its only going to get worse as the weather improves. I called the management company today and complained. I just think they need to be aware that there are a bunch of annoying ass kids who just hang out in our building, smoking weed and being stupid. I lived in a dorm for three years and I am so over this kind of behavior. Luckily, my floor is pretty united on this front because I talked to my neighbors across the hall about it too. Hopefully something changes and the kids go away.

Another bummer came when I called Levi’s to see when I could start working and they told me that I wouldn’t be able to start until next Wednesday or Thursday. Arghhh still just floating and barely scraping by. I am completely blown away that I have been able to last this long without a new paycheck. From a financial perspective, this has definitely revolutionized the way I think about money. I pretty much never eat out, but by grocery shopping frequently, I am able to eat really healthy and really deliciously. I am hoping that this domestic momentum will continue even after I can afford to sample NYC’s amazing restaurants. There is also absolutely no desire to go shopping for fashion. Of course there are items that I need to replace (black slacks) or just things that I am really craving (denim), but when I dont have any money, the pull of shopping just isnt there. Quite interesting for me to experience this since I know that I am a consumer at heart.

I had a wonderful Valentines Day!! Alice made olive oil and coconut brownies from scratch!

They were soooo good and not too sweet either. I just felt so much love from all my friends and I am in such a good place in my life right now, that there was no time for that predictable, bitter outlook that you get from most single girls. I made a distinct point to text all my friends to have a happy v-day!! Gotta spread that love!!! :heart: I had a really in-depth conversation with Norma last night over the phone. I am so in awe of her strength as she navigates this incredibly difficult situation. I know she is going to come out of this okay!!!

I think I might go take a nap right now… hmmm.

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