A tricky blouse

During my heydey working as an Intimates Associate at Victoria’s Secret, I became obsessed withe the brand. One of the major signs of this affliction was my desire…. no, my need to purchase something from the catalog. I ended up getting this pumpkin colored silk blouse on sale for around $30.

I have struggled to find a time and place to wear it. The first time I put this on, was last spring, where I wore it to my styling internship. Both Cannon and Kathleen complimented me on the blouse. However it is a tricky item because it is so sheer and the shape is so large. I decided to wear it on a mild January day to my interview at the Loft. I paired it with a slim black tank, Firetrap jeans and my chocolate Steve Madden riding boots. Pretty pleased with the results! I am determined to maximize my wardrobe, which means I need to start wearing items that I have committed to keeping in my closet. No more excuses for pieces that dont get worn!

One of the beauty items I have become fixated on purchasing next would be a basic eye cream. I really want to get in the habit at an early age of applying eye cream to head off the dark circles and wrinkling. I used up these two test samples of eye gel that my sister sent me from Japan and it made a hugeeeee difference. I dont need anything crazy expensive or fancy. I am thinking of trying either Roc or La Roche Posay since both brands make HQ but affordable drugstore skincare.

My roommate, Alice, and I have been pretty damn good about eating in and bringing our lunches the past few weeks. She sent me a link to a super adorable blog on different bento boxes. Feeling pretty ambitious herself, Alice made us both Kimbap which is the Korean version of Futomaki (meaning ‘Fat Roll’). Basically its a variety of ingredients (in this case: carrot, egg, spam, takuwan and spinach) rolled up in sushi rice and nori!

She even bought a sushi mat to make it!! Tasty, nutritious and economical!! Yay for us.

Another of the product development interns brought in butternut squash soup to work the other day. I immediately had to fulfill my new found craving. Luckily this brand of boxed soup was on sale at Whole Foods!! Trader Joes also makes a pretty tasty version. It fills you up nicely but is pretty low calorie! I ate some with toast for lunch today. Yum Yum!!!

Today I went to my first Asia in Motion class. It’s definitely going to be one of my favorites. We spent most of today’s session discussing geography and why historically Asia fell behind the western world. This afternoon I went to a hiring event for Macy’s in which I submitted my resume for their Executive Training Program for Buying and Planning. After that I went to FIT’s On Campus Recruitment Orientation. Soon I will have access to FIT’s online job bank in which I can apply my resume to different companies hiring for various fashion related positions. There are some amazing companies that come to FIT to hire graduating students. I am really excited to start thinking about my different opportunities for when I am finished with school in May.

2 thoughts on “A tricky blouse”

  1. The eye cream!! Haha, I laugh because its something I am lately obsessing over. I am like oh my, my pale skin is starting to reveal some dark circles. I feel like I need to go on a shopping date with you so you can just tell me what to get and I can buy it. I mean honestly I am so easily confused by skin care products I will accidentally buy hair gel and put it on my eyes thinking that is what its for.

    I REALLY like the blouse. First of all I don’t think most people could pull off that color but it looks great with your hair. I also think maybe its good you waited because that style of shirt and color is really coming in so you were just ahead of the fashion curve. Wear it! I didn’t know you had that and I feel like your closet is the only other closet besides mine that I have memorized haha.

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