First day of the last semester

Spring classes have officially begun! This is my last semester at FIT and after the academic debacle that was MMU, I am chomping at the bit to actually learn something. Mondays I have Politics in the Middle East, Calculus and Islamic Art & Civilization. I loved all three classes! An hour into my first class, I felt like I had learned more than I did the entire semester I was in Manchester. We basically just looked over the syllabus and then did some introductions. There is another half Japanese girl in that particular class! She is actually from Japan though, meaning that she is fluent and therefore so much cooler than me. I am determined to sit by her next week and get to know her better!!! She told the class she got her associates in Fashion Design but is now in one of FIT’s new majors called Technical Design which is bizarrely a Bachelors of Science degree. I am totally fascinated and must know more.

I am really excited to learn more about Islam and the Middle East. I am definitely ignorant about their culture right now. Growing up, my best friend, Sheida who is half Iranian and half Italian ,provided most of my impressions of the Middle East. A few years ago, I read Persepolis, a graphic novel about a young girl growing up in revolutionary Iran. I learned so much from that story and I would highly recommend it. The animated film version is quite endearing too. I think both the Middle East and Islam are widely misrepresented in America and I am eager to get to the truth of the matter. Hell to the yes for education! I will be a better informed citizen and therefore one step closer to being an improved Miya!

Today in Calculus we just reviewed Algebraic functions which I really enjoy, but I actually really had to work at it. I guess its been a while since I have really had to do any math…. I know I will do well in that class because I have had the professor two other times. I know her structure and shes relatively easy to work with. There is a very immature boy in the class and I got put into his group. It came out that he was taking Calculus for fun. As he put it, this class is “solving puzzles for credit.” While he was extremely irritating, I found that comment to be very true. Looking forward to the mental jumping jacks this semester.

I also had a group job interview that went really well! I soooo hope it comes through this week!!! ahhhhh! Everyone pray for me!

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