Review: Boots Botanics Organic Face Super Balm

I purchased this right before my flight from Manchester to NYC because my skin was going through hell. Specifically I had this awful irritation around my nose from the super cold weather. I had seen this before and was super intrigued by its name. If you are in the states you can purchase this for $8.99 for 0.52oz at Target or click here to get it online. I’ve used this a few times now and I must admit, I am pretty impressed. According to some of the reviews on MakeUp Alley, this is a dupe for the Josie Maran Argan Oil which sells for $14 for 0.5oz at Sephora. I don’t know much about the Josie Maran product so I cant really compare, but the Boots Organic Face Super Balm seems like a pretty good deal considering its quality!

As you can see a swipe of this Boots Face Balm is initially quite grainy. You really have to work it into the skin before it melts away it a very rich oil. This can make it quite messy which is why I only use it at night. A little of this definitely goes a long way. It doesn’t absorb very quickly so I try to lay on my back to prevent the balm from getting all over my pillowcase. However, by morning, the balm has gone from a sheen of oil to completely sunken into the skin. My face felt totally smooth and hydrated. I don’t really use this all over my entire face, but whenever I get a dry, red, or inflamed patch I will smear a bit of this on at night time. I use it in conjunction with my Ziana prescription acne treatment and with my regular Nivea night cream and there haven’t been any weird reactions. This has not broken me out at all which surprised me because it seems so thick and oily.

I am increasingly intrigued by the power of natural oil products and their benefits for the skin. I always heard that some women use Coconut Oil all over their faces and I just read this article about Linda Rodin, the creator of Olio Lusso, a line of luxury skin oils. Basically I am hooked on this idea of oils being really good for you! This Boots Botanics Organic Face Super Balm is a definite win because its inexpensive, affective, and organic!

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