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In the tradition of tumblr, I would like to do a Follow Friday post in which I list my favorite blogs that I would recommend. Some of these will be obvious or repetitive as I have mentioned them before. Due to my complete and utter lack of money I have turned to these blogs for daily entertainment. I find myself checking them a little obsessively. I am also breaking them up into categories for your ease of navigation:

Personal Blogs

    Jenny @ My favorite personal blog! This super sweet chick discusses japan, fashion, food, work and beauty! She is genuine, funny and quite entertaining!
    Pam @ Messy Closet Best taste ever from Merge’s #1 shop girl!
    Sara Mari @ Moments Like Diamonds Documenting her travels and extensive experiences in Japan with an emphasis on Gyaru fashion


    Audrey Kitching @ Buzznet Scene Queen’s all grown up
    Jane @ Sea of Shoes Only a fool couldn’t appreciate this girl’s amazing wardrobe. Thank goodness she shares everything with her readers!
    Andrea @ My favorite are the adorable illustrations that break down a stylish outfit in total attainability. From the former co-founder and creative director of Lucky magazine


    Catalina @ Based out of NYC, this girl posts some of the most extensive product reviews ever and specializes in recreating looks from famous Asians 🙂


    Sarah Jio @ Vitamin G Great healthy tips, snacks and recipes
    Zuzana @ Reformed erotic model that has the most killer home workouts. I am trying to ease into this
    Cathy @ After spending 2 years never eating out in NYC, Cathy has some interesting and creative recipes to try

Interior Design

I cant get enough of these blogs/websites!! I am hoping to add more to the rotation soon!

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