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2016 was the year I finally got into Podcasts. Ive noticed that my way of de-stressing has completely changed in sobriety. I have some very odd compulsive behaviors I need to work on eliminating. Podcasts are actually one of the healthier ways Ive managed to use as a means to wind down at the end of the day. I often use them as a way to fall asleep at night.

1. My Favorite Murder by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, Comedy
This changed the game for me. These two women have my dying of laughter and I am learning kind of a lot about true crime, criminal investigations, the judicial system, sociopaths and mental illness. It’s one of those entertaining shows that forces you to laugh at the disgustingly sick and evil side of humanity. Bailey and I are going to a live taping in March!! Favorite Episode: 10 because of the Vampire of Sacramento.

2. The Axe Files with David Axelrod, Politics
Axelrod was Obama’s Chief Strategist for his presidential campaigns. He is so fucking smart. I like that he has a lot of lesser known political and social commentators from both the right and left. I feel like I get smarter when I listen to this show. Also Axelrods voice is super relaxing hahah.

3. More Perfect by Radiolab, Politics/History
There are not enough episodes from this podcast. The first season went by way too fast. This podcast focuses on historically significant cases presented from the Supreme Court. I cant pick a favorite episode because they are all so good and really make you think about the role of the Supreme Court in our federal government. Sometimes the people of the united states are too ignorant to make the right choices. And thats why we need the 9 justices (although good riddance to Scalia).

4. Revisionist History by Malcom Gladwell, Society & Culture
I probably should have been more acquainted with Gladwell considering he’s published a million books and is very well respected. This podcast doesnt really have any consistent theme but its always good. I especially liked the 3 episode focus on the monetary motivations of higher education in the United States. Favorite Episode: 8 – Hallelujah, studying the creative process and how close we were to missing the beauty of Leonard Cohen’s most well known song.

5. 2 Dope Queens by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, Comedy
This show usually has 2-3 stand up performances from all levels of comedic talent, not to mention the hosts have me dying with their daily escapades and observations of being black in America.

6. The Run Up by Michael Barbaro, Politics
The New York Times political commentary show keeps me up to date on the fuckery going on in the world. This podcast has almost been like a therapist guiding me through the stages of grief after Trump was elected president.

7. In the Dark by Madeline Baran, News & Politics
After My Favorite Murder, I started to get heavily into true crime podcasts. This show follows the child abduction investigation of Jacob Wetterling in 1989. I was obviously not around while this case unfolded in realtime, but having a fresh set of eyes examining the successes and failures of the investigation is incredibly interesting. I think its important to hold the sheriff’s department accountable for their mistakes.

8. Loveline with Amber Rose by Amber Rose and Dr. Chris Donaghue, Society & Culture
I used to listen to Loveline with Adam Corrolla and Dr. Drew way back in the day. That show definitely had more of a comedy slant. Also, Dr. Drew’s professional advice and therapy started to get extremely repetitive. I swear that every caller with a sex related issue received the following question from Dr. Drew, “Were you molested as a child?”. The revamp of this show is far more dynamic. Its definitely not a flawless production. They often get off topic or Amber directly contradicts something Dr. Chris says, but I do appreciate that there is now a forum for encouraging a healthy open minded approach to sexuality. Dr. Chris is constantly pushing guests and callers to re examine their prejudices regarding sex. There is also a lot of critique on body shaming, gender ignorance and challenges to traditional relationship standards. I kind of adore Amber Rose.

9. Science Vs by Gimlet Media, Science & Medicine
Super informative and interesting. This show debunks popular myths or misconceptions based on factual evidence. Covering everything from gun control to organic food. I definitely had my suspicions about the G-spot, and this podcast cleared it all up for me!! Hahah

10. The Scumbag Podcast by Ed Zitron and Felix Biederman, Comedy
I dont really know what the point of this podcast is, but these guys are so funny. I especially love when I recognize the internet phenoms they refer to.

Honorable Mentions & Up and Comers: Undone, Radio Sweden, Stranglers, Up & Vanished, Sooo Many White Guys, Lore

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