Version Fourteen: She’s American

Fuck, I havent attempted to code anything in YEARS and I am extremely rusty. Ah well, trial and error until everything meshes together. I ended up downloading a trial version of photoshop just to mess around with. Feels like home haha!

Now that everyone considers themselves a blogger or youtuber or just general internet celebrity, the landscape for personal blogging has COMPLETELY changed. I only follow Jenny at this point. Shes OG status for sure. Whatever, Im not going to sit here and reminisce about the ‘good old days’ when the internet was truly the wild fucking west. I do want to make some sort of content for this blog. Once again I’m trying to pursue some hobbies to distract myself from real life. Maybe I’ll start doing more beauty reviews…. hmmmmm….

It’s christmas eve, and I am bored. I miss Lavendar.

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