Beauty Haul and Review: Topshop and Superdrug

As mentioned in the post below I made a couple beauty purchases the past few days. If you arent interested in beauty blogs or product reviews then just stop reading now. I’ve just recently discovered and fallen for Lexi, a youtube guru and blogger. She did a post on a nailpolish called ‘Grunge’ from Topshop and I immediately had to have it. I mean, comeon, with a name like Grunge how can I not buy it?!

Yeah I am a huge fan. It was £6 which seems a bit pricey since that’s probably about the same as OPI, but I would say it was worth it because it is quite a quality nail lacquer. The brush is thicker then an average polish (I think Rimmel might be making a series with a thicker brush as well…) which allows you to do less coats. I painted two coats just to be on the safe side since I have never used it before, but if I was in a hurry I could easily get away with just one coat. The color is a bit of a dark metallic grey/green. Very unusual. Allie suggested it would be a great party nail polish with an LBD, since its festive but you wouldnt overdose on black. Lasting power seems to be on par with OPI as well.

I picked up Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser on sale at Superdrug for about £2. My skin is so freaking dry right now and I just ran out of my travel size of Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser so I was dying for something new. This sounded promising since it supposedly controls shine on combination skin and the Simple brand is supposed to be excellent for sensitive skin. I picked it up on a whim and then went home and read the MakeupAlley reviews and was horrified by what people were saying. It broke them because it contains the comedogenic ingredient glyceryl stearate, didnt control their shine and barely moisturized their faces. Well, I have used it for a couple days now and it seems to be okay. Hopefully it doesnt break me out, since my hormones are wrecking havoc on my face as it is. It isn’t 100% matte but it is so much less greasy then what I was using before, which makes it perfect for daytime underneath make up. I dont think I will purchase this again, but its not bad and I am currently exploring more ‘combination skin’ options. Previously I thought my skin was dry, but it certainly gets shiny and oily looking if I dont use the right products.

When I was in Berlin, I marveled at Nivea’s marketshare in drugstores because its really not that popular in America. Come to think of it, I think they only distribute very basic body lotions in the states when in reality the company produces this very extensive facial skin care, mens, cosmetics, baby, suncare and deodorant business in Europe. Crazy! Anyways I got a new night cream called Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream for Normal and Combination skin. I LOVE THIS. It comes in that adorable little navy glass pot and its soooo thick and hydrating! I am getting a lot of dry bump irritation under my nose from all the cold so then I just smother this all over and it instantly feels so much better. It is very heavy so a little goes a lonnnnng way and it could never be used in the day time, but its ideal for your parched face to soak up while you’re sleeping. The smell is a bit unusual and reminds me of their cult classic Nivea Cream which I am intrigued to buy now. I really wish they carried this stuff in the states since its quite good. It was also on sale at Superdrug for about £3.

I finally got the package my mother sent me with my second bottle of CeraVe PM so I might start using that in the mornings if I feel like the Simple Oil Balancing Moirsturiser is irritating my skin.

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  1. Miya…can you grab me that nail polish and i’ll pay you back when you come to visit? Or i can just send you a check. Please and thank you. =]

  2. Okay we are going to have a serious make up discussion when you get back cause I feel like I need to update what I use. I use foundation I think and no cover up which is fine most of the time, but don’t you need cover up too?? I don’t know I just don’t get the flesh colored stuff and it needs to be re-explained to me hahaha. “Flesh” colored stuff. Clearly I don’t know a thing

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