Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

I just finished watching the Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon on netflix. It was by far one of my all time favorite shows. Essentially its a romantic comedy starring a 27 year old girl gifted with super strength. There is obviously a love triangle between her sexy chaebol boss and her childhood crush who is a detective. But what set this apart for me was the fact that there was an actual plot: ie. a scary man kidnapping/murdering women in the neighborhood. Tbh the culprit was kinda hot too. Reminded me of a korean Adam Driver.

I texted Lesley and Alice about how I found a new drama I was obsessed with, and Lesley immediately replied “Bong Soon?!” Bahaaha.

Park Hyung-sik has ruined me as her boss Mr. Ahn. Just when I thought I had been slayed before, now I am really truly slayed. The chemistry between Hyung-sik and Bo-young is crazy cute and just watch these scenes demonstrating Mr. Ahn’s total adoration of Bong Soon. I literally cant. It truly is a fantasy. That shit doesnt exist in real life. I was sending Lesley gifs of Hyung-sik and she laughed and said I was such a fan girl. (I mean…. duh….) I replied, “It’s more about being lonely I think ha” Let’s be honest. My fan girling has always stemmed from loneliness. Sometimes if I catch my self in a rare moment of extreme satisfaction, I’ll think to myself, “Am I happy that I lived to bake these peanut butter cookies and had the opportunity to watch Strong Woman Do Bong Soon?” Most of the time my reaction is fairly neutral. I loved loved loved this show so fucking much. But now that its over I feel empty. If I had accidentally killed myself, I would never have missed this. I wouldnt have to deal with my own disappointing reality. You can hear how sick I still am when I put it into words.

I am doing so well at work. But who the hell cares… All I ever wanted was someone to look at me that way.

I’m already searching for a new drama, but none of them are going to be nearly as good as Bong Soon is.

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