I’ve been trying to get in contact with Tracii for a year now. She literally dropped off the face of the earth. My imessages werent going through anymore and she wasnt reading any of my facebook messages. I was getting more and more alarmed especially when I saw the below post on her wall. Doesnt really get more fucked up than that.

I even checked New Jersey’s DOC to see if she was currently in prison. Honestly, I was praying she was locked up because then she was at least not on the streets dying. Nothing came up when I searched every version of her name I could think of. I figured maybe the search engine was faulty but I confirmed it was working correctly by searching for my friends brother who is for sure in prison on drug possession charges. I did find some dumb ass site called whogotarrested[dot]org that documented she was arrested in July. That definitely means she violated her parole…

I finally asked Neil if he thought it was weird if I reached out to Tracii’s mom on facebook. He didnt think it was weird so I decided to go for it. I wasnt sure how her mother was going to react. I know Tracii’s relationship with her parents is strained. She was adopted and her father has rage issues and her mom is definitely an alcoholic. So having your 26 year old daughter still living at home and shooting up has got to make things tense. Then throw in the rehab’s, detoxs, stealing, arrests, court dates and dope sickness and Im sure there is a perfect storm there brewing. I wasnt even sure if her mother remembered me visiting a couple of years ago when we first got out of treatment together.

Long story short, her mother confirmed that of course she remembers me and that Tracii is in another rehab and that this had been an extremely tough year for their family. I instantly felt this huge rush of relief. I know what people must think when they see Tracii. Its easy to judge her based on her appearance, but when it came down to it, she was one of the sweetest girls in rehab with me and I dont want to hear about her dying and being cast out like some piece of trash in the projects. Hopefully we can be in touch soon.

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