Current Favorites

1. Rockaway and the super flattering high cut leg swimsuits.

2. The new whole foods in Harlem
3. Painting my room a color called Everblooming

4. Fifth Harmony’s new album
5. My official BTS bias: Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope The ARMY fandom is so fucking hilarious, I dont even mind that everyone else is 10+ years younger than me bahahah.

6. Playing pacman at Barcade with the photography pyramid
7. Trader Joes belgian chocolate pudding
8. #lavvylife
9. My therapist Susan
10. My strawberry blonde hair
11. Bubbly water
12. Beautiful seventy degree summer days in NYC
13. The fact that I was NOT invited to a wedding this year because I couldn’t afford it anyways
14. Sailor Moon Drops game on my phone
15. Waking up bite free everyday
16. Narek getting a job in Dubai so of course Amy and I want to visit next year!!
17. Zebra mildliners and Muji 0.5mm pens

18. Kelly Purkey
19. Law and Order SVU
20. The fact that I am not a paid copywriter but I still caught this before it went live on site:

My super got arrested for growing marijuana in our basement. Sigh. He was such a fool. Also somehow Bailey got mumps, you know that virus that was supposed to have been eradicated decades ago? The department of health called her and asked for my number, but Im hoping they dont call me. I dont think I caught it from her and now shes in Albania so whatever. Im going to Seattle on the 6th for my ten year high school reunion. I texted all my high school girlfriends (Riley, Marissa, Carlene, Norma, Lucie, Carmen, Amber, Eleanor) and literally no one is going except for Sheida and myself. Hahahah. Sheida has to go because as our class ASB treasurer she had to help plan it. Even though she’s, like, a doctor and has better things to do with her time. Seeing as how I dont even drink anymore, this is probably going to be hella awkward and pointless but I figured I would at least stop by. My previous goal of hooking up with my highschool crush AE was already fulfilled last November so now I really have no expectations of this event. I think AE is going, but hes probably going to bring his girlfriend…. eh.

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