Women’s March

Credit to my roommate Bailey for making the sign. I simply held it up to give her arm a break.

Saturday Bailey and I went to the womens march on 5th ave. We started on 42nd street and went up to 54th. The city blocked off trump tower so we couldnt get close but we were all yelling and chanting and waving our signs. I know they were anticipating 75,000 people to attend the march but i dont know what the actual numbers were. I was slightly concerned i wouldnt be able to participate since i get bad anxiety in crowds, however everyone was so sweet and polite and mumbling “excuse me” everytime they even bumped you. I was very torn on the issue of protesting for some reason i cant articulate, but im glad i went. Felt good to know that we werent going to roll over and lay down to the absurdity of the Trump administration. I still cant believe that this happened. Its absolutely devastating to realize that so much of the country could fall for such a shitty candidate. And of course, the new press secretary Sean Spicer came out for his first ever news conference and claimed that the inauguration crowd was the largest ever. Pretty sure the photos dont lie. Why get so hung up on petty details like that. Youre the president!!! Even though you didnt really win the election (aka he didnt win the popular vote) its not like we are taking away the presidency! So get on with that! Stop fucking around with this stupid bullshit that doesnt even matter!

I saw Chuck Todd on nbc’s Meet the Press interviewing Kellyanne Conway about how the first interaction with the public was accusing the media of reporting falsehoods. Kellyanne of course put a spin on it, claiming that their sources of information were giving “alternative facts”. Thats become the most recent headline. Alternative facts?! I swear to god Kelly Anne must go home at night and turn to her husband and tell him that she knows the truth. She knows we are right… shes a brilliant woman. But shes in too deep and there is no turning back now. I feel sorry for her and Melania. Melania especially. She didnt sign up for this shit. She just wanted to be rich and comfortable and raise her son and live her life. And somehow she got dragged into this mess. Smh. Be careful who you marry.

Im pretty disappointed in Bill Mahers final thoughts ‘Pillbillies’ on his season fifteen premiere. Conservatives are not the only ones affected by the opioid epidemic and there isnt really any link between your political ideology and addiction. Aside from Batman i dont know any addicts that supported Trump. And then on top of that insult, Bill Maher has the audacity to compare opiates to marijuana; suggesting that conservatives get high on something that “grows from the ground.” Ugh im so pissed. Weed is like candy compared to opiates! I get that this is just Bill Mahers exaggerated comic writing in an attempt to be funny, but he is smarter than that. What a lame performance in such a tumultous political environment filled with fake news, misinformation and “alternative facts”.

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