Review: CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara

This is by far my favorite mascara! I am on my third tube of this stuff because it just plain works. I even did a project for my Market Research class on the launch of this product since it has become tremendously successful. I only buy the waterproof version in ‘Very Black’. I have found that its specifically the waterproof version that I love most because it will hold my curl like none other. Naturally my lashes are fairly long and light (my irish/scottish side), but the are also very straight and grow downwards (my japanese side). I have purchased LashBlast Luxe but was really underwhelmed and while I have no desire to buy LashBlast Length, I am very intrigued by LashBlast Fusion…. Its very odd what does and doesnt appeal to me. Anyways, I tend to use this prdocut as my everyday mascara and for special occasions I will whip out my little Majolica Majorca mascara tube. What I crave most in a mascara is volume and its ability to hold my curl and this fulfills both wonderfully!

Here’s the difference this mascara makes on my eyes! Amazing!! And its only $9 and available in practically every drugstore in the USA. Interestingly, CoverGirl is not carried in the UK, so I had to wait to get home from Manchester to purchase a new tube. Usually I feel like I need to toss this mascara after about 3 months, which is the recommended lifespan for a mascara anyways.

3 thoughts on “Review: CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara”

  1. I LOVE that before and after picture. We should have done something like that for our market research project hahaha. I currently have the LashBlast Fusion (blue tube) and I really like it. I think its my favorite thus far.

  2. Lash Blast Fusion just came out with a water proof version. I have to tell you though, lash blast volume is so much better. Lash Blast Fusion doesn’t hold a curl as well. I was really bummed. Stick to Lash Blast Volume.

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