Home for the Holidays

It is sooooo nice to be back in America! I really cant even stress how good it feels to be in familiar territory. I flew back to NYC with a fever and stomach bug. I crashed at Riley’s apartment and slept for 15 hours straight!! I never do things like that, but between being sick and the jetlag, I was exhausted! I spent the next few days recovering and running a few errands (seeing Alice, Brett and Marissa). Then I flew home to Seattle for Christmas and had some much needed family time. Carlene came over Christmas Eve and we baked Bethenny’s Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! I really want to improve my baking/cooking skills and was determined to practice:

They turned out more like biscuits but they are totally delish! We spent Christmas Day at my Aunts House on Burley Lagoon. My fondness for that piece of rural little beach property is growing as I get older. Stuffed myself with food and then took a walk outside with my dad since the tide was out.

My sister flew from Japan for the holidays and while we have more common interests then ever now (fashion! boys! beauty!) we are still heckling each other. Its probably best that we dont live with each other anymore. She was rather pleased with my christmas present to her: a glitter zebra iPad case from River Island.

I’ve been slowly catching up on the gossip with all my friends. Even though it was only three months, a lot has changed since I left for Manchester. I still have some difficulty hanging out with my friends in Seattle. We often rehash high school, which can be really fun actually, but I have a difficult time reigning in my judgmental side. I worry about a lot of my friends and wish that they could move past some of their insecurities and self destructive behavior. They really are an amazing group of girls and its nice to know I have people all over the world who have my back no matter what.

If anything, these past few weeks have really cemented my decision to stay in NYC after graduation. I am so glad I went to Manchester, but I missed my busy active lifestyle in NYC so freaking much. I was supposed to fly back tomorrow but the snow has pretty much crippled JFK and I was most definitely going to get stranded in the Minneapolis airport for hours before getting out so I changed my plane ticket for New Years Day at 6am. Obviously I will have a pretty early New Years Eve celebration hahah, but thats okay. I am really anxious to get back to NYC and move in to my new apartment, find a job and internship for spring semester!! So much to do and I am ready to get back to it!!

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  1. We need to meet up sometime before you leave. Sorry about your flight…actually i take that back. If you were to leave tomorrow then i wouldn’t be able to see you. Lol. My family from NYC is stranded here too. Anyways…just text me and maybe we can figure out a way to meet up for a cup of coffee or something.

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