Version Fourteen: She’s American

Fuck, I havent attempted to code anything in YEARS and I am extremely rusty. Ah well, trial and error until everything meshes together. I ended up downloading a trial version of photoshop just to mess around with. Feels like home haha!

Now that everyone considers themselves a blogger or youtuber or just general internet celebrity, the landscape for personal blogging has COMPLETELY changed. I only follow Jenny at this point. Shes OG status for sure. Whatever, Im not going to sit here and reminisce about the ‘good old days’ when the internet was truly the wild fucking west. I do want to make some sort of content for this blog. Once again I’m trying to pursue some hobbies to distract myself from real life. Maybe I’ll start doing more beauty reviews…. hmmmmm….

It’s christmas eve, and I am bored. I miss Lavendar.


Wow, Its been nearly a year since I decided to stop blogging. Truthfully I cant see myself ever blogging as frequently as I was before. I cant stress about staying totally updated on this thing because I will drive myself crazy. I did derive great pleasure from documenting bits of my life though which is why I would like to re consider rebooting happa-girl. Besides. I am paying for this shiz, so I might as well utilize it!! One thing I would like to make a priority is professionalizing my presence on the internet. If by some token people wish to google me or find info on me then it should only be appropriate info….this is definitely easier said than done, but it does mean that for the most part my blog will have little to nothing to do with my personal life. I am thinking the focus will remain solely on my interests and hobbies.

The Weekend Update

Hmmmmmmm. Unemployment has never suited me. I despise not working. My store reopens on August 3rds and my managers emailed us the schedule. I have already opened two other stores in my retail career and its not the most enjoyable experience. Everything is usually a hot mess no matter how organized you try to be. Blahhhhh. I had a very promising interview on Thursday and I am really hoping they contact me for the second interview next week. Obviously, I wont mention the company name, but lets just say it would mark the beginnings of a dream career in the fashion industry for me. Yeah its kind of incredible. Sometimes I think about how far I have come in the past four years and I dont even recognize myself. 😯 Here’s even more epic changes in the next four years.

Sounds like there is mad drama going on in Seattle. I cannot stress enough how happy I am that I got out when I did. Riley and I were gossiping during lunch today. We went to this amazing vegetarian sandwich place in the West Village called Snice. This morning, we went to see the second installment of Harry Potter. Twas very good and I most definitely cried when Snape died. I love that character so much. When it comes to unrequited love, I am a hopeless romantic. :love:

I really should make a new layout for the site since I have all this time on my hands…. However, I am in no mood to deal with my shitty old Photoshop CS2. That was on my list of things to buy once I got hired after graduation. But with the salary I am considering accepting for the aforementioned stellar opportunity, I most likely will not be able to afford photoshop, a gym membership or my next tattoo. Damnnnn. Oh well. If ever there is a time to be broke, its when I am 22 and not 35.


Another weekend has come and gone. Yet I still do not have a job. This is seriously one of the most frustrating things ever, yet because I want to be picky I really cannot complain. Today I am going to do some more applications online and then call a few places to follow up on the applications I already dropped off.

I also need to do laundry today. I was going to do it Saturday or Sunday but I kept putting it off because I was convinced that my nearest laundromat was going to be overrun since the weekend is prime laundry time. I cannot wait until I am so busy that I can justify Wash and Fold services!

The high temperature today is supposed to be 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides laundry, I will probably remain a hermit inside my warm little apartment. Yesterday, Alice picked up an old TV from one of her church friends, so now I have the television as a distraction! While we don’t pay for cable, we do manage to steal TBS and the Food Network which is awesome! We watched What Women Want and Mamma Mia!. Ahhhh I have way too much time on my hands!!

I tweaked the sidebar a little bit. The most obvious change would be the addition of Google AdSense. I figure most of the blogs I read have some sort of advertising which actually makes them more legit. I doubt I will actually earn any revenue from this, but its definitely a nice idea! Feel free to click any of the rotating ads to support me!

I finally got around to cleaning my Sigma brushes from Christmas, and was messing around with them. Put on some bronzer with the huge powder brush and I think it makes a huge difference. Actually I dont really have a bronzer, I just use MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in ‘Sunny By Nature’. Its a little strong for me because I am so pale, but when I really sheer it out with the right brush, it has a lovely affect. Check out my awesome glowing cat lamp in the background. 🙂

Follow Friday: Blogs

In the tradition of tumblr, I would like to do a Follow Friday post in which I list my favorite blogs that I would recommend. Some of these will be obvious or repetitive as I have mentioned them before. Due to my complete and utter lack of money I have turned to these blogs for daily entertainment. I find myself checking them a little obsessively. I am also breaking them up into categories for your ease of navigation:

Personal Blogs

    Jenny @ My favorite personal blog! This super sweet chick discusses japan, fashion, food, work and beauty! She is genuine, funny and quite entertaining!
    Pam @ Messy Closet Best taste ever from Merge’s #1 shop girl!
    Sara Mari @ Moments Like Diamonds Documenting her travels and extensive experiences in Japan with an emphasis on Gyaru fashion


    Audrey Kitching @ Buzznet Scene Queen’s all grown up
    Jane @ Sea of Shoes Only a fool couldn’t appreciate this girl’s amazing wardrobe. Thank goodness she shares everything with her readers!
    Andrea @ My favorite are the adorable illustrations that break down a stylish outfit in total attainability. From the former co-founder and creative director of Lucky magazine


    Catalina @ Based out of NYC, this girl posts some of the most extensive product reviews ever and specializes in recreating looks from famous Asians 🙂


    Sarah Jio @ Vitamin G Great healthy tips, snacks and recipes
    Zuzana @ Reformed erotic model that has the most killer home workouts. I am trying to ease into this
    Cathy @ After spending 2 years never eating out in NYC, Cathy has some interesting and creative recipes to try

Interior Design

I cant get enough of these blogs/websites!! I am hoping to add more to the rotation soon!