Version Fourteen: She’s American

Fuck, I havent attempted to code anything in YEARS and I am extremely rusty. Ah well, trial and error until everything meshes together. I ended up downloading a trial version of photoshop just to mess around with. Feels like home haha! Now that everyone considers themselves a blogger or youtuber or just general internet celebrity, […]


Wow, Its been nearly a year since I decided to stop blogging. Truthfully I cant see myself ever blogging as frequently as I was before. I cant stress about staying totally updated on this thing because I will drive myself crazy. I did derive great pleasure from documenting bits of my life though which is […]

The Weekend Update

Hmmmmmmm. Unemployment has never suited me. I despise not working. My store reopens on August 3rds and my managers emailed us the schedule. I have already opened two other stores in my retail career and its not the most enjoyable experience. Everything is usually a hot mess no matter how organized you try to be. […]


Another weekend has come and gone. Yet I still do not have a job. This is seriously one of the most frustrating things ever, yet because I want to be picky I really cannot complain. Today I am going to do some more applications online and then call a few places to follow up on […]

Follow Friday: Blogs

In the tradition of tumblr, I would like to do a Follow Friday post in which I list my favorite blogs that I would recommend. Some of these will be obvious or repetitive as I have mentioned them before. Due to my complete and utter lack of money I have turned to these blogs for […]