Train to Busan

All gifs stolen from Tumblr and belong to respective parties. I guess its about time for me to admit my love for zombie movies. This was basically the Korean version of 28 Days Later. I was SCREAMING for most of the movie and then sobbing by the end! It was an emotional rollercoaster. And I […]

Blade runner

“Sometimes, in order to love someone you’ve got to be a stranger.”  Belated but not forgotten. 

Redecorating my bedroom

Post bed bug armageddon the apartment was a mess. Everything is thrown in massive 40 gallon plastic contractors bags. It was impossible to find anything we needed. I decided to take this opportunity to paint my bedroom again. I painted my room the second I moved to Harlem but along the way, when they were […]

Wonder woman

I knew I wanted to see Wonder Woman the second I heard about its release, but I couldnt really anticipate how much I adored it. Ive been blowing up my tumblr with all the fangirling and wondertrev shipping posts from across the internet. I actually dont feel like blathering on about the fact that this is […]

Tale as old as time

I went to see Beauty and the Beast last night. I wasnt prepared for how french it was. I knew the fairy tale originated in france but im so used to the unspecified magic kingdoms of Disney it was kind of jarring to see all those wigs and period costumes. The movie really wasnt what i […]