Domestic violence

Dont you fucking dare try to assault your baby mama in the hallway outside my apartment. Youve got her cornered in the elevator in nothing but her nightgown?! And shes pleading with you and youre being so fucking loud. Yeah I heard her asking someone to please help her. I will open the door and […]

Weddings at work

Omg Cole’s boss is getting married. Shes the SVP of Creative and shes so stunningly beautiful. Shes like this tall willowy woman with the best sense of style. Shes literally the most aspirational person in my office. And she knows my name!!!

Twenty Eight

So whats been happening lately? It doesnt feel like very much…. My routine has become so incredibly boring its not even worth writing about. I’ve officially survived my second round of bed bugs. I literally would not wish them upon my worst enemy. I dont really want to dwell on it anymore, but I’ll give […]

Women’s March

Credit to my roommate Bailey for making the sign. I simply held it up to give her arm a break. Saturday Bailey and I went to the womens march on 5th ave. We started on 42nd street and went up to 54th. The city blocked off trump tower so we couldnt get close but we […]

Just Friends

Hurricane Irene is in full swing. I’ve spent all day lazing on the computer, recovering from my hangover, eating chocolate gelato, thinking about boys and the shitshow that was last night.