A decade later

Tonight was my ten year highschool reunion. Obviously I had no idea this photo was being taken. No lie I had to smoke a joint with my mom to take the edge off my nerves. Now that its over, I can say that I am really glad that I went. I caught up with a […]


Some sound advice (and questionable English) from the Romanian when I left Manchester. Hahahahah.

Kiki day and street harassment

Its getting increasingly more hot this week. Luckily I was able to escape to a Kirsten Dunst movie marathon, hosted by Charlie in an air conditioned apartment on the Upper East Side. They were watching five films in total today: The Virgin Suicides, Wimbledon, Jumanji, Dick and Bring It On. Charlie even made an adorable […]


I don’t know wtf is going on with my hormone levels or if I am just losing my mind but today is just what of those days where I need to limit any permanent damage through isolation. Weirdly I just heard one of those stupid stoner boys fall down the stairs and it kind of […]

Where to start?

Shit…. it’s been far too fucking long. Instead of trying to catch up on what has been happening the past few months, I am going to just focus on what is happening presently. My graduation is near and I am both ambivalent and scared shitless. I keep trying to articulate my confusion to various people, […]