Spring & Summer 2018

Whew. Its been a minute. Honestly I’ve dissolved fully into the world of adulting. I’m attached to some really big projects at work right now and somehow have become my boss’s emotional support pet. (ah yes, how the tables have turned…) When I come home all I want to do is watch TV and chat […]

Fuck its

Honestly giving up would be so much easier. I realized I cant afford a plane ticket to Seattle in May for Marissa’s wedding so I’m not sure why I rsvp’d. And then Riley told me she was picked to be in the wedding party. And obviously I wasnt. I am genuinely surprised as the two […]

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

I just finished watching the Korean drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon on netflix. It was by far one of my all time favorite shows. Essentially its a romantic comedy starring a 27 year old girl gifted with super strength. There is obviously a love triangle between her sexy chaebol boss and her childhood crush […]


I’ve been trying to get in contact with Tracii for a year now. She literally dropped off the face of the earth. My imessages werent going through anymore and she wasnt reading any of my facebook messages. I was getting more and more alarmed especially when I saw the below post on her wall. Doesnt […]


Reunited with my love! Saturday, Carlene had an impromptu christmas party with a few people. Although it was aggressively holiday themed, she actually organized it with the sole purpose of introducing me to David’s best friend IE. Carlene had been blabbing all summer about him. How perfect he was for me. How he was soooooooo […]