Spring & Summer 2018

Whew. Its been a minute. Honestly I’ve dissolved fully into the world of adulting. I’m attached to some really big projects at work right now and somehow have become my boss’s emotional support pet. (ah yes, how the tables have turned…) When I come home all I want to do is watch TV and chat […]

Fuck its

Honestly giving up would be so much easier. I realized I cant afford a plane ticket to Seattle in May for Marissa’s wedding so I’m not sure why I rsvp’d. And then Riley told me she was picked to be in the wedding party. And obviously I wasnt. I am genuinely surprised as the two […]

Weddings at work

Omg Cole’s boss is getting married. Shes the SVP of Creative and shes so stunningly beautiful. Shes like this tall willowy woman with the best sense of style. Shes literally the most aspirational person in my office. And she knows my name!!!

Current Favorites

1. Rockaway and the super flattering high cut leg swimsuits. 2. The new whole foods in Harlem 3. Painting my room a color called Everblooming 4. Fifth Harmony’s new album 5. My official BTS bias: Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope The ARMY fandom is so fucking hilarious, I dont even mind that everyone else is 10+ […]

Twenty Eight

So whats been happening lately? It doesnt feel like very much…. My routine has become so incredibly boring its not even worth writing about. I’ve officially survived my second round of bed bugs. I literally would not wish them upon my worst enemy. I dont really want to dwell on it anymore, but I’ll give […]