Fuck its

Honestly giving up would be so much easier. I realized I cant afford a plane ticket to Seattle in May for Marissa’s wedding so I’m not sure why I rsvp’d. And then Riley told me she was picked to be in the wedding party. And obviously I wasnt. I am genuinely surprised as the two […]


I’ve been trying to get in contact with Tracii for a year now. She literally dropped off the face of the earth. My imessages werent going through anymore and she wasnt reading any of my facebook messages. I was getting more and more alarmed especially when I saw the below post on her wall. Doesnt […]


Reunited with my love! Saturday, Carlene had an impromptu christmas party with a few people. Although it was aggressively holiday themed, she actually organized it with the sole purpose of introducing me to David’s best friend IE. Carlene had been blabbing all summer about him. How perfect he was for me. How he was soooooooo […]

Crystal Snow

君を抱き締めたい 消えてしまう前に もう一度 叶えるため 舞い上がる Crystal ねぇ言葉足りないけど ありのままでも伝えるから Can I touch your heart 信じて欲しい 迎えに行くよ Someday, Someday… It’s always you, It’s always you, crystal snow (Let me see your smile,oh baby, eh) It’s always you, It’s always you, crystal snow (Let me feel your love,そう どこまでも Fuu) It’s always you, It’s always you, crystal snow […]

Forever nineteen

I just found out that Emily and Tom died last year. Emily was wild. She was a disastor. She was so insanely full of life. My second day im rehab Jessie and Emily got into it in front of the whole group. Jessie just ripped her a new one telling her that she always hijacked […]