Kiki day and street harassment

Its getting increasingly more hot this week. Luckily I was able to escape to a Kirsten Dunst movie marathon, hosted by Charlie in an air conditioned apartment on the Upper East Side. They were watching five films in total today: The Virgin Suicides, Wimbledon, Jumanji, Dick and Bring It On. Charlie even made an adorable little program listing the order of the movie and designated food breaks. Surprise, surprise I ended up wearing a very casual, all J.Crew outfit. The tee is actually mens but I liked the color and it was so soft and comfy!

I have come up with a pretty obvious fashion rule for myself. If my tattoo is showing, then the shorts are definitely too short. 😉 I really only have one pair of shorts where its an actual issue. They are high waisted and almost look like a skirt with a white heart pattern. I wore them yesterday and had a bit of a problem with the amount of commentary on the streets. It doesn’t even matter what I am wearing though. I swear to god, the shittier I look, the more remarks I rack up. Having encountered this sort of harassment since I was about 13 years old, I am pretty much used to it, but it doesnt mean I am okay with it. Its utterly ridiculous that I feel the need to cross the street to avoid groups of guys. Or that I will consciously not wear something because I really dont feel like dealing with creepers that day. Fuck I hate men sometimes. The best way to avoid it is to put on my Ray Bans and red headphones and just block them out completely. As I have mentioned before, this was never an issue in Manchester, which I find most curious. Yet girls were also getting raped left and right.

Who remembers this fun note, that I found in my dorm at MMU? This was the 10th assault incident that term?! Terrifying. I think I am way safer in NYC then in Manchester. I could go on and on about this…. and how its funny that the average guy doesn’t understand it at all either. They have no idea what its feels like.

The Three Alexander Wang pieces that would change my wardrobe

1. Diego Bucket Bag, $825
I have been lusting after a bad ass bucket bag for about two years now. What makes this one a perfect update of the 90’s trend is its pebbled leather, brick color and stud detailing. This would carry my whole life and then some.

2. Ribbed Hat, $185
This is the perfect urban balance of grunge and thug all rolled up into one extremely practical hat. I particularly like that it’s roomy enough to not pinch my hair and create ugly hat head. I’m asking my sister if she could knit me a duplicate as it is unlikely that I would pay $185 for a hat (at this point in my life).

3. T by Alexander Wang Crew Neck Pullover Sweater, $180
Obsessed with this nude color for sweaters! Tons of the girls in Manchester were sporting oversized knits in this color (mainly from Topshop). This looks like it has an amazing fit. It could be dressed up or made much more casual, depending on the styling Love!

Buy all three right now at Shop Bop.

Review: CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara

This is by far my favorite mascara! I am on my third tube of this stuff because it just plain works. I even did a project for my Market Research class on the launch of this product since it has become tremendously successful. I only buy the waterproof version in ‘Very Black’. I have found that its specifically the waterproof version that I love most because it will hold my curl like none other. Naturally my lashes are fairly long and light (my irish/scottish side), but the are also very straight and grow downwards (my japanese side). I have purchased LashBlast Luxe but was really underwhelmed and while I have no desire to buy LashBlast Length, I am very intrigued by LashBlast Fusion…. Its very odd what does and doesnt appeal to me. Anyways, I tend to use this prdocut as my everyday mascara and for special occasions I will whip out my little Majolica Majorca mascara tube. What I crave most in a mascara is volume and its ability to hold my curl and this fulfills both wonderfully!

Here’s the difference this mascara makes on my eyes! Amazing!! And its only $9 and available in practically every drugstore in the USA. Interestingly, CoverGirl is not carried in the UK, so I had to wait to get home from Manchester to purchase a new tube. Usually I feel like I need to toss this mascara after about 3 months, which is the recommended lifespan for a mascara anyways.

Home for the Holidays

It is sooooo nice to be back in America! I really cant even stress how good it feels to be in familiar territory. I flew back to NYC with a fever and stomach bug. I crashed at Riley’s apartment and slept for 15 hours straight!! I never do things like that, but between being sick and the jetlag, I was exhausted! I spent the next few days recovering and running a few errands (seeing Alice, Brett and Marissa). Then I flew home to Seattle for Christmas and had some much needed family time. Carlene came over Christmas Eve and we baked Bethenny’s Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! I really want to improve my baking/cooking skills and was determined to practice:

They turned out more like biscuits but they are totally delish! We spent Christmas Day at my Aunts House on Burley Lagoon. My fondness for that piece of rural little beach property is growing as I get older. Stuffed myself with food and then took a walk outside with my dad since the tide was out.

My sister flew from Japan for the holidays and while we have more common interests then ever now (fashion! boys! beauty!) we are still heckling each other. Its probably best that we dont live with each other anymore. She was rather pleased with my christmas present to her: a glitter zebra iPad case from River Island.

I’ve been slowly catching up on the gossip with all my friends. Even though it was only three months, a lot has changed since I left for Manchester. I still have some difficulty hanging out with my friends in Seattle. We often rehash high school, which can be really fun actually, but I have a difficult time reigning in my judgmental side. I worry about a lot of my friends and wish that they could move past some of their insecurities and self destructive behavior. They really are an amazing group of girls and its nice to know I have people all over the world who have my back no matter what.

If anything, these past few weeks have really cemented my decision to stay in NYC after graduation. I am so glad I went to Manchester, but I missed my busy active lifestyle in NYC so freaking much. I was supposed to fly back tomorrow but the snow has pretty much crippled JFK and I was most definitely going to get stranded in the Minneapolis airport for hours before getting out so I changed my plane ticket for New Years Day at 6am. Obviously I will have a pretty early New Years Eve celebration hahah, but thats okay. I am really anxious to get back to NYC and move in to my new apartment, find a job and internship for spring semester!! So much to do and I am ready to get back to it!!