Collapse my veins

Am i surprised my soul twin ended up in rehab for a heroin addiction? At least he got some beautiful art out of it….

The grey mare

Since narek is moving to dubai, the delias girls have made a huge effort to see each other more. Weve done three girls nights so far in the past month. Luckily nareks paperwork keeps getting delayed. Hr asked her for her passport again and then needed her parents turkish birth certificates too! seems super intense […]


Wow, Its been nearly a year since I decided to stop blogging. Truthfully I cant see myself ever blogging as frequently as I was before. I cant stress about staying totally updated on this thing because I will drive myself crazy. I did derive great pleasure from documenting bits of my life though which is […]

Just Friends

Hurricane Irene is in full swing. I’ve spent all day lazing on the computer, recovering from my hangover, eating chocolate gelato, thinking about boys and the shitshow that was last night.


I am hoping to get my next tattoo in a week. I still need to pick a place in NYC to get it done. Its very small and simple though so I am not too concerned about who does it. I will be getting the word ‘fate’ on the inside of my left wrist. This […]