The Veronicas

November 21, 2014 8:46 pm

I cant even post one lyric from this song because it really is #EVERYGODDAMNLYRIC. Jess and Lisa are my girls for fucking life.

I have a few other real life updates to post but due to the fact that The Veronicas just released their third, self titled album today in Australia I need to take a break to review my favorites from the album. Even though it doesnt come out in America until the 25th I have heard every track on tumblr hahahah.

Did You Miss Me (I’m a Veronica)
Jess & Lisa, Toby Gad, Josh Alexander
Jess has said that Billy Corgan worked on the riffs for this track which is a nice throwback to their relationship. I was really excited to learn that he was jamming out with them and even though I think the chorus is kind of corny, the song itself is bad ass and I like the sample from the movie The Heathers. Also I like the ego sentiment of the title. Because they do miss you.

Jess & Lisa, Dan James, Leah Haywood, Rob Ellmore
This song is increasingly growing on me. I like when Jess describes the message as “I cant stand seeing you with this other person” And it does have this very fun upbeat sound despite how unpleasant the actual lyrics are. I’m making out like I dont care, but in her sleep I’d cut her hair. Actually I’d fucking shave it all off so they could be twins. :D

Chris Loco, Emeli Sandé
I respect that Jess and Lisa arent afraid to record a song that was written by someone else. On their second album, they recorded an excellent version of This Love which was written by Kesha. I think it actually shows true talent and versatility when an artist can perform a song that they didn’t touch. Always is probably my favorite track on the album. Its such a beautiful love song and I think the girls vocals are really strong especially since this has an R&B feel to it. They will definitely be able to do a killer acoustic version live. I adore this emotion of always. An evolution on forever I suppose.

Mad Love
Jess & Lisa, Toby Gad, Josh Alexander
The girls performed this song years ago during that awkward interim period between albums and I reblogged the hell out of it then and now. I find it very very catchy and fun. And obviously I know a lot of crazy bitches in the corner that can relate to being driven mad by someone they have fallen for…..

More Like Me
Jess & Lisa, Dave Bassett, Josh Katz
This track is sickkkkkkk. Im definitely going to have to look into these two co writers I know nothing about!! Whats funny about this song is that I think certain women in the world could try to use this against ME, but obviously I don’t feel that way:
There’s no competition
Don’t you know who I am?
With me he’s a better man
The truth hurts
And someday you will see
If you were more like me

This song is a declaration of confidence in herself and in her power. So just go ahead and try to spin it. We ALL know it. I love the line about getting down on one knee. If she was more like me she would.

If You Love Someone
Jess & Lisa, Anthony Egizii, David Musumeci, Josh Katz
Damn this record is really eclectic. This has been tapped as the next single in Australia and the girls just finished wrapping the video shoot. I think its a perfect upbeat counterpart to their first single You Ruin Me. Sort of what the masses are used to hearing from these girls. I mean….. I used to believe in a thing called love. So of course I agree with the message of letting someone know asap how you feel. We never know when our time is up. I feel like I have been harping on this forever. Live openly and honestly.

Jess & Lisa, Gary Clar
As stated before, this song hits me down to the core and I have been waiting for the studio version for YEARS after they performed it during a sneak peak at the Viper Room in LA. Unfortunately I think the studio version doenst hold a candle to the live performance where you can really hear the guitar better. I think the classic Veronicas songwriting rhythm involves Lisa killing the verses and Jess’s insane high notes bringing home the chorus. And of course the wailing screamo harmonizing at the end is like pop pain incarnate! God I just die for angry chick music. New favorite break up song. Hell hath no fury….

You and Me
Jess & Lisa, Alex Dezen
This is the sweetest song ever as it focuses on the twins relationship to one another. I sent it to my wifey and told her its our wedding song. Love & Fate. <3

Protected: Nightmares

November 21, 2014 9:40 am

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Trusting your gut

November 20, 2014 7:01 am

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. To me this picture exemplifies my ability to trust in my own instincts. While chastely provocative and perhaps silly this photo was the catalyst for revealing someone’s true self. The teasing sentiment behind sending this photo was second to my own desire to celebrate what I consider a long road to evolving into the sexual being I have always admired in other women but wasn’t comfortable associating with myself.

Apparently sending the requested selfie was not a good idea. The ensuing slut shaming and inability to take responsibility for the part they played in the mutually difficult rebound relationship that took place over the past year and happened to coincide with miyas first hazy rush of opiate like love and complementary mental breakdown into the realm of anxiety and depression was solid proof that the person I had thought I had been laughing with at fat cats and holding hands at stupid PR parties in Times Square was in fact not who I thought he was. God I am a conniving bitch. Manipulating unsuspecting men boys into masturbating to PG-13 photos of my back. It is definitely Miya the mega whore who is making it difficult for YOU to move on.

And this brings me to the real point of this post. Always trust your gut ladies. Across that span of time I may have approached the realm of real closeness with him, but something felt off. Something wasn’t right. Maybe it wasn’t just the “I guess.” comment or the fact that he kept me a secret from his closest friends and was so immature that when confronted with the possibility of a difficult conversation he would rather lie about me at the expense of any possible future we could have had moving beyond rebound into a relationship. These hesitations clenched in me consistently. And so that is why one boy gets PG-13 and another man will get R rated and the beginnings to a NC-17 screen play of an untouchable intimacy set across 3,925 miles. Never meant to meet but fated to collide.

You clowns considered yourself writers. When was the last time you ever wrote anything real? You let her get away and you know it.
Leave me alone.

Another procedure

November 18, 2014 1:39 pm


I am so jetlagged. Yesterday I had my appointments with my uncle and my surgeon and of course the first thing my uncle commented on was the next operation I need to have done which is a gum graft on my lower front teeth. I guess with my previous two jaw surgeries and my overzealous brushing, my gum tissue has started receding. The party just never stops eh? Luckily my surgeon’s wife is the doctor who specializes in these kinds of procedures. What a power couple. I’m meeting with her today to confirm she can squeeze me in during my christmas trip. My mother has had this done before and says its pretty painful which means one good thing: MORE PAINKILLERS!!! Merry christmas Miya!!! I also got a years worth of muscle relaxers since I attribute that to really helping my jaw stabilize since the surgery and not reabsorb like the first time. I also had impressions taken for that super expensive thick night guard I need to wear to help redistribute pressure when I sleep. Unfortunately my bite is not coming together in the front like everyone was hoping for. My uncle says that having spent so many years with essentially no chin, my tongue has conditioned itself to pushing forward up against the back of my front teeth which is preventing my bite from coming together like a normal persons. I asked again about speech therapy and he said he didn’t think it was worth it because its extremely difficult and he has only ever had one patient who was successful with it. But god damn it I am going to try to do it myself!!! If anyone can teach her tongue to correct its positioning, its ME!!! So far I have choked swallowing water a couple of times. Oy vey. Maybe I can teach my tongue to vibrate while I am at it…


So I went to Nordstrom of course and finally bought these Nike’s I have been wanting for a long time now. I sent a picture to Cole for approval. He said if I waited until christmas he could get me a discount but I wanted them NOW. Hahaha. I’ve been seeing them all over the European fashion blogs for a couple years now (for some reason not so much on the Americans) and a couple of my fave british youtube girls got them too. Plus my old pink ones are getting kind of smelly. I am really not a sneaker kind of girl but I’m going to put myself out of my comfort zone and see if I can throw these into the mix. And I am not letting heartbreakers influence my taste and decisions any more. These shoes are not MIA or brooklyn. Its a pair of fucking shoes.

Cole texted me saying he was jealous that I was in Seattle buying weed and shopping while he is back at the office working. Ha. I should just marry Cole. Yeah he is 27 years my senior but he is really nice to me and doesn’t respond to my mental health issues with comments like “I guess.” or say stupid shit like “I thrive in the grey zone.” Also Miya Tsujikawa has a nice ring to it. And my grandfather knew about his families strawberry farm from the 1950’s. And according to him he has no idea what married people talk about so maybe I could keep my apartment in Harlem and he could keep his in Williamsburg hahahah. Miya’s ideal relationship, where there is absolutely no way I could be smothered with neediness? I need more therapy.


Met Carlene for drinks at a mexican restaurant near Pike Place.



Here is my beautiful girl on the phone with her lawyer. hahahaha. Good lord….. Had a really good catch up session with her but as per usual her decisions and life stress me the fuck out. The well being of my friends is very important to me and its difficult because I feel overprotective. I called her out on her bullshit. Which is know is hard for her but also I know its why she keeps me around. She needs me to voice what she already knows deep down. Woah we are getting dramatic up in here, but then again her life is pretty fucking dramatic. Everything is on the verge of disaster.


Awwwwwwwww…. #goodheightratio #favecoupletostalk


Lanny is in Thailand! And sent me this on instagram!!! :D

Sisterly love and the 1975

November 17, 2014 3:41 am

Today I spent the day with my sister! We went to a barre class near green lake called Pure Barre which was very different from Fluidity. It was more aerobic than I am used to but I think I did a great job keeping up and Aimee did really well considering she’s never ever done barre before.







That evening we went to go see the 1975 at the Paramount which is my favorite venue in Seattle. I remember suggesting this theater for prom because its so beautiful but they don’t do that kind of thing hahaha. I think the last show I saw here was Dashboard Confessional when I was fifteen years old!!! TEN YEARS AGO! My sister was a great sport. She was very amused by the teeny boppers and all the moms in the lobby reading and drinking beer. I am seeing my darling Matt Healy next month in NYC too.



I also got to meet her cat Yuko! He is so adorable I can barely stand it. The second I held him he turned and started licking my face. Awwwwwwwww! I really want a cat someday! I am going to name him Jean-Louis and I will call him Louie for short!!!


November 15, 2014 10:13 pm





Today I went to my first pot store in Seattle with my parents. I was very impressed with the interior of Ganja Goddess and their friendly but knowledgable and professional staff. It’s clearly a very well thought out enterprise and they had only just opened yesterday! Most retail locations are only selling two kinds of weed but Ganja Goddess had over 23 strains!!! The sales people explained all the nuances and THC levels of each kind and gave us a smell of the samples. It felt very much like shopping for wine. Apparently back in the 70’s when my parents smoked, the weed was really only 7-8% THC and now through all the refined breeding some strains can go as high as 25%!! Everything was grown locally at farms in eastern Washington. Pricing was actually pretty reasonable but still higher than what I would pay on the street in Harlem. The bouncer at the front checked our ID’s the second we stepped in which amused my parents. Later my dad told us he noticed the bouncer had a gun which I suppose makes sense as there was quite a bit of money sitting in those glass cases.

My mother couldn’t stop talking about how this was such a great investment opportunity. And I couldn’t help but think how much fun it would be to work on branding for the various farms and how the packaging could be tweaked. This is really just the beginning of a huge source of commerce. The staff was telling us that they will definitely be selling pipes and bongs and vaporizers and baked goods further down the line. I could also see them adding on some fun apparel and gift items too. It will be interesting to see what other states will be legalizing marijuana next. PS my mom bought weed. Not me. I still prefer opiates. As soon as we got home my dad posted pictures on his facebook and all his old man friends in Portland got all excited. Lolz. Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

Jiji wisdom

November 15, 2014 6:07 pm

Just provoked my grandfather:

Me: What do you think about Sweden?

Jiji: The only thing about the Swedes I don’t understand….. I understand why the Japanese have black hair….. But what genetically has made the Swedes blonde? That…. hasn’t been revealed yet….

Me: I see. What makes the Japanese have black hair?

Jiji: the seafood.

Off to seattle

November 15, 2014 6:37 am


End of autumn outfit. Michael kors coat, free people pants and Zara scarf. Defying brand expectations and dressing how I want because I’m on the creative team and we wear doc martens in the corporate office.


Calligraphy class with Amy in brooklyn. I miss her so much. She’s really become one of my best friends. That’s what happens when you grow up together. I’m worried about her. She’s dealing with anxiety too but unlike me she hasn’t found an escape out of Delia’s yet. :/


I would have to practice at this for a long ass time before I got good at this.

Holiday lights hanging off bloomingdales.


Naughty Miya picked up a body con skirt from the A.Wang x H&M collaboration. I mean…. I kind of had to. He’s one of my faves! This skirt is on the verge of too small but I kind of like it that way. My booty wants all the attention it can get :)


Got lucky at a different H&M store and found the matching bra to the skirt. I plan on wearing this to the club and making the haters hate. Also will probably wear to yoga. hahah.

Not That Kind of Girl

November 11, 2014 9:38 pm


Tonight I went to Harlem Shake with Alice and had a really great catch up session. Here she is modeling her big fall purchase: a perfect leather jacket from Madewell!!! She has been agonizing over this jacket for over a year and every time we would get together we would mull over whether she should get it or not. She even left the tag on tonight just in case I didnt approve. :) I told her that when I got my oxblood leather jacket it immediately became my most prized piece in my wardrobe. I want to be buried in that jacket. I wear that jacket in the most important moments in my life…..

Last time I saw her Alice mentioned she wanted to read Lena Dunham’s new book Not That Kind of Girl and I was meaning to discuss it with her since I just finished it, but we ended up getting sidetrack over boytalk. Lets just say that she is glowing for a reason. :) And that she is really finding the joy that comes along with romance. I wonder if she always thought I liked to put myself through all this heartache because I’m addicted to pain. No its because when you find the right person they make you very very very happy. They make you feel alive. I’ve known Alice for seven years now and this is the first time I’ve seen her like this. I’m so pleased for her. <3

But any way back to the Lena Dunham book: I would not recommend this book to anyone. I dont really consider myself a mega fan of the HBO series Girls. Parts of it I enjoy but in general I am not really into it. I dont find it my generations answer to Sex and the City but then again we all know I have a complicated relationship with Brooklyn. Hahahah. The book is completely different from the show anyways. The more I read it the more I started disliking Lena Dunham. Especially when we got to the part about her thoughts on working. It was just downright obnoxious. Everyone has their own reality and their own struggles but she led a very privileged life. That was very obvious to me even throughout her stories of all the bizarre things that have happened to her (selling Gwyneth Paltrow $145 pima cotton baby leggings, running through the woods imitating the underground railroad during summer camp, etc.). Ugh whatever. I found the parts about her sister weird and unnecessary but I certainly didnt jump on this media frenzy of calling Lena Dunham a child molester. She was a child herself: acting inappropriately. I am pretty sure children everywhere act inappropriately. However I dont see the point in sharing it in a “memoir”. After I finished the book, I finally watched Tiny Furniture on Netflix and thought it amusing. Maybe because I need other characters in order to get through how self absorbed she is? Dont get me wrong, she is a hilarious writer and there were some very memorable quotes; my favorite being her seventh reason to love new york: Because of the twenty-four-hour pharmacy on 48th and Eighth ave, where a 3am plea for a Klonopin refill is treated like buying milk at 5pm in Bethesda. Perhaps I’m being overcritical. I too can be incredibly self absorbed (please see this very web site as proof) but there was just something so flippant about how blessed she was growing up (minus all the mental health problems) that I find completely un relatable. Also I disagree that the term ‘Girl Crush’ is sexist. Well thats just my shitty review of Not That Kind of Girl.

The Miya/Carrie Diaries

November 10, 2014 10:01 pm


I’ve been watching season two of the Carrie Diaries which is the teen precursor to Sex and the City on Netflix and I find it pretty cute. Its too bad it was already cancelled. Favorite lines from episode 5 when Carrie catches her new love interest reading her diary behind her back. Weaver defends himself by saying, “I mean, some-something about you, I-I lose my senses. I just – – I – I wanna know everything about you, everything you’re thinking. Every thought in that beautiful – crazy interesting head of yours.” I suppose this is a similar issue for certain grown ass men who cant seem to let me go. Why? A message to all of you: FOCUS ON YOUR GIRLFRIENDS AND LEAVE MIYA ALONE.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 4.58.44 PM